Individual Counseling

Are you struggling with a past incident or trying to manage depression or anxiety?

Counseling can help.

Have you recently lost someone to death, divorce or a break-up?

Counseling can help.

Have you set goals for yourself and not been able to reach them?

Counseling can help.

The decision to seek counseling and be very simple or it can be very complex.  Regardless of where you are, Kris is here to help.  At Prairie Hills Counseling, your needs and goals are important. We help you find those needs if you are unsure what they might be.  It is normal to be concerned or worried about starting a counseling relationship, especially if you have never been to counseling before.  You can talk to Kris about any and all of those concerns.

Appointments are available in Burke SD Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Kris will take appointments in Winner, SD on Fridays.