Is Couples Counseling for us?

Yes, couples counseling can be for you.  If you are considering it, it will likely help.  Couples counseling doesn’t mean you want your relationship to end, it means you want your relationship to improve.  

The most important thing to explore is your commitment to the relationship.  Do you want THIS relationship to get better?  If you want a better relationship, counseling can definitely help.

Entering counseling as a couple can be frightening.  Fears might be that your relationship is a failure, or that you somehow made a mistake (sometimes people have a made a mistake, counseling can help in that instance as well).

Once you have decided you would like couples counseling, here is what to expect at Prairie Hills Counseling.

  • Kris will meet with each person separately, for 1-3 sessions.  During these sessions we will explore your understanding of any conflict and issues, and set up plans for our couples sessions.
  • We will meet as a couple from 3-6 times, or for as long as needed.  During these sessions we will connect to the reasons you selected each other, your areas for work and explore future relationship dynamics.
  • We may have individual sessions during the the times we meet as couples, each partnership is unique so each partnership will have a unique counseling experience.
  • It is important to note, Kris is skilled in not taking sides, for 2o years she worked helping victims & offenders in coming together to have healing conversations.  She has assisted in cases of homicide, traffic fatality, murder, sexual assault and great bodily harm.