Healing and Transformation

Do you want stronger connections & better feelings about yourself?

Are you wondering what emotional healing is all about?  Are you curious or looking to regain a better perspective on a past of current life event? 

Counseling can help.

I believe that counseling can help with a range of issues and concerns.  The approach at Prairie Hills Counseling is to consider Harmony, Healing & Wellness for each person seeking services.  How you want to explore and examine your life, is up to you.

The relationship you have with yourself impacts your relationships with others.  In counseling we develop a relationship and together that relationship helps you.  Your counselor is your support person, your advocate, your sounding board.  I am willing to be that person and explore with you what it is you need to focus on your own healing.  Healing brings about change, and emotionally healing is often a journey of transformation.  That transformation is from who you were to who you want to be.

Counseling relationships are expected to bring about healing and transformation.  How that is accomplished is unique to each counselor-client relationship. Here are some tools I might use to help you bring about positive change:

  • supportive listening & empathy
  • offering alternative ways to interpret what happened
  • therapeutic homework (journaling, writing letters, reading)
  • ideas for handling stress, setting boundaries and/or communicating more effectively